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24 Jul 2007

Here’s where you can find Jstreet on the web:

Official Websites:
JstreetZine.com (Official site)
- JstreetRadio on WRLR 98.3 FM (official JstRadio site)
- Jstreet on Myspace
- Jstreet on del.icio.us (Links page)
- Jstreet on Flickr (Photos)
- Jstreet Flickr Photo Pool (reader submitted photos)
- WRLR 98.3 FM (home of JstreetRadio, Round Lake Heights, IL.)

Instant Messaging ID’s:
- JesseJstreet   (Jesse’s AOL IM)
- JstreetRadio   (radio show AOL IM)

Sites mentioning Jstreet:
- JstreetRadio on Youloud.com (Podcast directory)
- JstreetRadio on Podshow.com (Podcast directory)
- JstreetRadio on DigitalPodcast.com (Podcast directory)
- JstreetRadio on Pod-Planet.com (Podcast directory)
- JstreetRadio on Podcastdirectory.com (Podcast directory)

People Behind the Scenes:
Telegram Sam
- Mooney
- Robyn
- Jesse the brain (Jesse’s personal blog)
- Shoot from the Belly (Kelly’s our Podcast producer and host)
(your name here!)

RSS Feeds:
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- JstreetZine Homepage
- JstreetRadio on iTunes (subscribe to podcasts)
- Jstreet Delicious feed
- Jstreet Flickr Photo feed
- Jstreet Myspace Blog feed

Email addresses:
- jstreet@wrlr.fm (in-studio JstreetRadio email address)
- radio@jstreetzine.com (submit your MP3’s here)
- sam@jstreetzine.com (Telegram Sam – she books our talent. Send your show lists here)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 126
Waukegan, IL. 60079

Interested in submitting your music for radio airplay?
- Jstreet Contact page, policy, mailing address
- radio@jstreetzine.com (submit your radio friendly MP3’s here – local and indie music only)

Jesse Jstreet (That’s me – watch for real time updates to all of the above)